hide_hands_with_plantThis is the fruit of our work:
the best selection for those who love what is exquisite.


hen entering our facilities the product is pre cooled to obtain the ideal temperature of preservation, which is maintained all throughout the process of production and transport so that when it reaches its destination, it may comply with the high standards that only a company such as Lara Castañeda can offer in any of its brands.

All the details surrounding the production of our products are extremely well looked after.

Our products

These are the products that bear our brand: Lara Castañeda

Green bean

The product that has given our company its recognised prestige.
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Usually long-shaped, it is less well known in its round variety. Taste.
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The black cucumber, also known as French cucumber, is deep green.
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Dark purple, almost black colour, even, smooth and shiny skin.
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