About Us

With more than 25-year experience in the sector, committed to offer always the best.

  • Only with maximum dedication best results can be obtained
    and best quality can be offered.

    Those of us who work for Lara Castañeda are like this, people concerned about offering always the best and in the best conditions.

    We have been more than 25 years working conscientiously and we have the energy and desire to move ahead with our main valuable proposal: Quality, flexibility, Innovation and competitiveness move us day by day, as an indispensable model nowadays.

  • Whitin an excelent production, we only choose what is the best

    This is why we know what we sell perfectly well, because this is the best way to just offer a select and healthy product that can satisfy even the most demanding consumers.

    A product selected from its origin all throughout the different stages of production, until it reaches its destination, which undergoes the most rigorous quality controls.

  • Commited with the environment

    Our desire to offer always the best is what moves us to work in the most artisanal way, collaborating with the preservation of the environment.

Our crops